Important Values of Co-Creation

09 Sep

Since the concept of creation itself has been created, we have had a very concrete idea of the creator v.s. the content. Like a wordsmith creates a work of art using language, the reader is the customer who consumes these works.  Likewise, the role of a consultant mirrors that of the content creator.Also,  there may even be a problem that a consumer may have, and thus they opt to work with the consultant.

 It is even possible that there is an even better solution.  Suffice it to say, the clear lines that once divided the consumer and creator groups are no longer viable.  When the creator shares the responsibility of creation with the consumer, the consumer sees themselves in the final product.

 It is only when we are working together, both consumer and creator that we can deliver optimal results. When clients work with creators on projects, they begin to believe that they own the project as well.

 In the sharing of ideas, the client and the creator become crowdsourcing co-creators each with unique expertise that they bring to the conversation.  Through the very nature of co-creator and crowd innovation, we can find the answers together much effectively than finding solutions alone.  What's more is that these differences in thoughts and opinions create stronger solutions.

 Today, we all look for ways to be apart of the decision-making process. For example, in today's education system teachers allow students to have an active role in their learning.

 There will even come a time during this process that we wonder how we can make the creator and the customer co-creators.  While it is important to include the input of the client in the decision-making process, it is important to establish yourself as the expert in the subject matter. By including the client, they will be the project's biggest supporter as they will believe that the project is theirs as well.

 You cannot expect that the co-creation would be effective every time-- unfortunately, you may have to retain your role as the expert and deliver the best results. For example, as a plumber it is difficult to create an environment where both the client and the expert can collaborate-- especially if it is a field that many people are not concerned with.  Not to worry, there are still many opportunities that will allow the creator and the client to create and innovate.

For example, you can work with creators of all stages and give them the tools and support they need to create meaningful solutions and assist many in their pursuit to be successful. You may watch this video:

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